2017 Exhibitors

  • FRC Team 4646 ASAP – Come see FRC Team ASAP show off the 2017 season competition robot! This year’s competition, FIRST STEAMworks, required teams to score fuel in a boiler, deliver gears to an airship and climb aboard for takeoff.
  • NubNub: This local startup is reinventing riding with bicycle-mounted gadgets. Pop the top off a cold drink with the Pub-Nub bicycle-mounted bottle opener. Make a quick fix with the Tul-Nub bike-mounted multi-tool.
  • Powerful Innovations – Powerful Innovations is about taking our futuristic fantasy and making it our reality. From lasers to robots, local maker Troy Powers uses maker skills to follow his childhood dreams, inspire the next generation and prove that you can accomplish anything if you try.
  • R2-D2: See a life-size, working replica of the beloved Star Wars robot.
  • Society for Creative Anachronism – Step back in time with SCA members demonstrating skills learned while participating in the “modern Middle Ages.” Try your hand at some medieval arts and crafts, and be a part of history.
  • StemBox – StemBox is a monthly subscription box that send girls ages 7-12 science experiments. Each box contains sophisticated science materials, authentic lab ware and fun STEM accessories to empower girls to pursue their interests in STEM.
  • String Revolution – Where would we be without string? No thread, no cloth, no fishing nets — string’s a thing no hunter-gatherer would be without. Watch yarn being made with Neolithic technology, a drop spindle, and make yarn of your own at this roaming exhibit.