2018 Exhibitors


This list will continue to grow as more makers are accepted.  The Call for Makers closes Monday, August 6.  Submit your application today!


  • R2-D2/Droid Building– Meet R2-D2! R2 is a life-size working replica built by local maker Jason Cross.  Take a picture with everyone’s favorite droid and learn how R2 was built.
  • PrISUm Solar Car– PrISUm will be showing off their solar car- Penumbra! Sit in the solar car and get hands-on with spare car parts and solar panels.
  • Manibus Project- Amenda Tate– Multidisciplinary artist, Amenda Tate Corso, invites participants to take a turn to “dance it out” as their movements are translated into paint by her motion-controlled robot called Manibus creating a collaboratively painted work of art.
  • Eco-Friendly 3-D Printing- HartSmart Products– HartSmart will be demonstrating 3-D printing with eco-friendly materials and discussing how to reduce the impact of 3-D printing on the environment.
  • SCR1BBL3Z– Translating movement onto paper, SCR1BBL3Z shows how far your mark goes.  All it takes is motion detection data, an Arduino board and a little imagination!
  • Barnes & Noble Maker Demonstrations– Check out just a few of the maker products you can get at your local Barnes & Noble! Learn to code using Ozobots, Lego Boost and Kamigami. Build with our Strawbees, Magformers and Squigz.  Play and learn using educational toys and games.