2019 Exhibitors will be added to this page as they are accepted. The Call for Makers opens Wednesday, May 15.


To get an idea about who might be at the 2019 Des Moines Mini Maker Faire, check out our 2018 Exhibitors!


  • R2-D2/Droid Building– Meet R2-D2! R2 is a life-size working replica built by local maker Jason Cross.  Take a picture with everyone’s favorite droid and learn how R2 was built.
  • PrISUm Solar Car– PrISUm will be showing off their solar car- Penumbra! Sit in the solar car and get hands-on with spare car parts and solar panels.
  • Manibus Project- Amenda Tate– Multidisciplinary artist, Amenda Tate Corso, invites participants to take a turn to “dance it out” as their movements are translated into paint by her motion-controlled robot called Manibus creating a collaboratively painted work of art.
  • Eco-Friendly 3-D Printing- HartSmart Products– HartSmart will be demonstrating 3-D printing with eco-friendly materials and discussing how to reduce the impact of 3-D printing on the environment.
  • SCR1BBL3Z– Translating movement onto paper, SCR1BBL3Z shows how far your mark goes.  All it takes is motion detection data, an Arduino board and a little imagination!
  • Barnes & Noble Maker Demonstrations– Check out just a few of the maker products you can get at your local Barnes & Noble! Learn to code using Ozobots, Lego Boost and Kamigami. Build with our Strawbees, Magformers and Squigz.  Play and learn using educational toys and games.
  • String Revolution– Find this roving demonstration and learn to make string by twisting fibers together using Neolithic technology – a spindle.
  • Medieval Makers of the SCA– Step back in time with SCA members, and participate in the “modern middle ages.” Try your hand at some medieval arts and crafts, and be a part of history.
  • Area 515– Area515 offers low-cost access to a wide variety of tools and workspaces, and hosts a rich community of making experts to help you finish projects, enrich your hobbies, expand your skills, and find new ways to MAKE your ideas come to life.
  • Boxman– Play Boxman, a homemade 80s-esque arcade cabinet. This game was an old Super Pac-man that was gutted and converted into a new, original game.
  • Lux Blox- Lux is a moving, shape-shifting construction system that is changing the way we look at play and learning. Lux Blox connect with a patented pin-less hinge, which allows users to make exciting shapes, motions and mind-boggling machines.
  • Iowa State SAE- Iowa State SAE is a student-run organization with five coordinating teams that design and build vehicles. They compete in collegiate competitions against other students from around the world.
  • Paint Pour- Acrylic fluid painting might not be new but it sure is a blast! Create a collaborative, vibrant and unique finished piece with artist Stacey Schuurmann.
  • Making the NASA SLS Rocket and Orion Spacecraft- Learn how spacecraft are created! Dennis Johnson uses audiovisual displays and models that show how the new spacecraft are constructed.
  • Innovators Academy – Innovators Academy is a makerspace for kids in Ankeny. They offer classes in robotics, coding and engineering for students in preschool through middle school. They also have open work time for kids and families to come make and create together.
  • Charles Thompson’s Wooden Boxes – Charles Thompson makes firewood boxes, elegant storage solutions and antiqued boxes. His most prized creations are his novelty boxes based on movie props and comics. He is currently working on “Ark of the Covenant” based on the Indiana Jones movies.
  • Cyclone Space Mining Club – Come see Cyclone Space Mining Club’s 2018 competition robot, Pavonis, and learn about how it mines regolith (Martian soil) from the undergraduate engineering students who designed and built it. Then program robots yourself to build a Martian Base!
  • FRC Team Neutrino – Team Neutrino is an FRC robotics club consisting of high school students who receive a challenge with 6 weeks to build a robot to solve the challenge. Then they take it to compete. Team Neutrino provides a hands-on STEM experience for all students involved.
  • FRC Team 4646 ASAP – FRC Team 4646 ASAP is a high school robotics team for Des Moines area students. They will be demonstrating the robot build for this past season’s competition.
  • FIRST Tech Challenge 9974 T.H.O.R. – FTC Team 9974 – T.H.O.R. is a group of middle and high school students who build, program and compete with robots through the FIRST organization. Students learn skills from computer programming to marketing in this hands-on, student-driven program.
  • Powerful Innovations- As a child, Troy Powers used to dream about the cool technology from science fiction. He spent his life learning the skills needed to make those dreams a reality. He hopes to inspire the next generation to reach for the stars!
  • How do you choose to feel today?- If it comes to possibilities, the digital world provides us with many options to choose from, even with abstract things such as feelings. How do you feel today? Make a choice! But remember, feelings are never that binary, not even on a screen.
  • Johnston Community Schools First Tech Challenge Robotics Teams- Johnston Community School’s FIRST Tech Challenge teams will bring down two team robots for visitors to drive. Come check out JCSD’s teams to see our robotic designs and programming skills involved with FIRST and FIRST Tech Challenge.
  • Iowa LEGO Users Group- IowaLUG seeks to create a community for fans of LEGO in Iowa to meet, build, and share with others who also love the brick. Race your LEGO Derby Car, help us “Build Iowa”, and more!
  • PlantLed Creations- PlantLed is a technology driven arts project that gives plants the ability to communicate though lighting and sound! Come interact with all of your local plant life in this real-time eco-art installation.
  • DIY Wire-Wrapped Crystal Necklace- Bring your creativity and visit the TigerLily STEM table to make your own wire wrapped crystal necklace to take home!
    TigerLily STEM works to empower young women through STEM tutoring, classes, mentoring & leadership development.
  • Make Light- Fire Farm is a crucible of exploration and experimentation in materials and light. They make products and sculptures that appear around the world. They look forward to sharing some of their materials and work at the faire and connect with other Iowa makers.