Do you see yourself as a maker? This year’s Des Moines Mini Maker Faire will feature Skills Stations, mini-workshops to help you develop the skills to design, build and test and on your own! Check out six hands-on Skills Stations to discover your inner maker. Take a few minutes to learn something new, and move on to the next station. All activites are included with admission – and everyone’s invited to participate!

Here are the skills you’ll learn:


Soldering is the process of joining electric parts together by melting “solder,” a metal alloy, around the connection. When solder cools, it makes a strong connection between the parts and circuits. This technique is used in electronics like circuit boards, which are found in everything from smartphones to game consoles. You don’t need a lot to get started with soldering – all it takes is a soldering iron, a spool of solder and a soldering tip.

Plastic Fusing

Make a durable fabric out of plastic bags. Layer, heat and pressurized plastic bags together to create your fabric. This fabric can be used to make wallets, decorations, clothing or anything you can imagine! All you need is an iron, a heat-resistant surface, parchment paper and (most importantly) bags!


Dive into the art of textiles with machine sewing. Button fell off? Sew it! Feeling cold? Sew a quilt! Get started with the basics with our expert Makers. All you need to get started is thread, scissors, a sewing needle and fabric.

Paper Circuits

Create a fully functioning electronic circuit out of paper. Not sure what that looks like? Think of a light up birthday card! Artists use paper circuits to add character and light to their projects – and it isn’t too difficult. All you need to get started is a sturdy piece of paper, copper tape, a light-emitting diode (LED), clear tape and a CR2032 battery!

Toy Take-Apart

This station is all about tinkering with things you already own! Take apart a toy and examine the inner workings. Use handheld tools to tear apart toys like Tickle Me Elmo, and examine the wiring and machinery on the inside. You can try this at home – just grab some old toys and household tools.

Color Mixing

Explore the color spectrum with the Des Moines Art Center. Mix your own colors, and learn about the art and science of color-mixing. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate on a community art piece by creating your own window cling.

Mark your calendar for Monday, September 3, for the Des Moines Mini Maker Faire! This unique event gives Iowans an opportunity to display what makes them get creative and inspire others to make. Featuring 20+ exhibitors, Human Foosball, games, food trucks and more, the Des Moines Mini Maker Faire will truly be a day of excitement! Get the schedule.